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Sebastian Nadal - Judo & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Sebastian began training judo in his early teens as a hobby, and full time after graduating from university. He has been an active competitor these last seven years on the domestic circuit, medalling consistently, reaching a ranking of number 2 in the country, and becoming a British team member in 2016. As well as competing in various international events, he was also selected to represent team GB in the 2012 London Olympic test event and the 2016 Glasgow European Open. He also competes every year for a Madrid team in the Spanish national league. 

While training at his home club, the Budokwai, Sebastian started cross training in BJJ. In 2012 he decided to take it up full time alongside, and as a compliment to, his judo. He has been a member of Carlson Gracie London ever since and is currently a brown belt under Richard Martin. He has competed and medalled at every belt level to date, both at home and abroad, taking British and English titles along the way, as well as numerous international IBJJF medals. 

We look forward to supporting Sebastian in his ongoing training and competitions and wish him every success in achieving his goals.

Some of Sebastian's results:

Judo (3rd Degree Back Belt):

  • Irish Open Gold
  • Northern Ireland Open Silver
  • Madrid Open Bronze
  • British Open 5th
  • National Team Championships Bronze
  • Welsh Open Bronze
  • British Championships Bronze
  • 6x Regional Area Gold

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Brown Belt):

  • English Open Absolute Gold
  • British Open Gold
  • IBJJF Toronto Open Gold
  • IBJJF British Nationals Bronze
  • IBJJF Copenhagen Open Silver
  • 10x IBJJF Open Medallist