Radius Wraps - Hybrid Hand Wrap System
Radius Wraps - Hybrid Hand Wrap System Radius Wraps - Hybrid Hand Wrap System

Mid-size Hybrid Radius System (180'') offer a bit more protection than the Slim in a smaller profile than the Ultimate Radius Wraps to suit a variety of training regimens, hand sizes and gloves. The Hybrid is a great all around training wrap for a variety of training scenarios and offers excellent knuckle protection. Learning how to wrap hand for boxing, mma and muay thai is easy with Radius Wraps. Click the link for complete Radius Wraps review from thestrikerslab.com

Radius hand wraps have been shown to reduce impact forces by 29% in a leading sports science lab. This academic study was conducted by at the Center for Sport Performance at Cal State Fullerton. Read the published study here. Decreased impact forces reduce the risk of injury.


Bag work, sparring, focus mitts and technical training, boxing hand wraps, muay thai hand wraps, kick boxing hand wraps, mma hand wraps.


Radius 4x hand wrap technique

The Radius 4X Wrap provides maximum stability by wrapping through the fingers and crisscrossing the back of the hand while still maintaining a functional grip.

This style of hand wrap is ideal for bag work and sparring with 16 oz gloves.

Radius 3x wrap technique

The Radius 3X Wrap is a great option for mma hand wraps. Wrapping around the fingers three times uses less fabric across the palm while improving overall grip. Less fabric across the palm make this a great hand wrap for smaller gloves.

Radius Wraps - Hybrid Hand Wrap System